Network Operations Center 

blade-serversOur Network Operations Center (NOC) is located within the Pittock Block in Portland, Oregon. The Pittock Internet Exchange is a major internet exchange in downtown with 16 fiber optic carriers and 31 other copper carriers.


Solid utilizes fiber links from Cogent Communications and ELI/Integra. We run our own BGP session maintaining an OSPF route to the outside world through whichever of our redundant links has the shortest route to the host.

We have a total of 200 Mbps of synchronous transit capacity plus up an additional 200 Mbps available as needed. Our average utilization never exceeds 50% of the available bandwidth.


We monitor traffic, link-state, operational status, environmental statistics and latency of all links and devices on our network on a continuous basis. Notifications of problem situations are automatically logged within our system and automatically escalated as required.



The Pittock Block maintains dual power feeds from the grid on two risers. Six primary plants power the entire building, with our hardware on two seperate power sources.

Appropriate distribution of equipment to the correct power sources ensures that even during a hard failure on a primary power source, elements of the hosting cluster will still be active and serving traffic.