iPhone 4 Bumper Costs Apple $175 Million

 iPhone 4 Bumper Costs Apple $175 Million 

24 July 2010 | Press Room,Tech | Tags: Apple, bumper, iPhone 4, Tech


PC World – July 24, 2010

To allow for giving away those iPhone 4 bumpers, Apple will set aside $175 million of iPhone 4 revenue in the September quarter, according to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

The antenna issue with the iPhone4 has lately been causing Apple a fair few problems, but now the company have announced a temporary way to fix this; by giving away free Bumpers.

During the Q&A following Apple’s third quarter financial results, Oppenheimer explained that the company will be deferring revenue for those iPhone 4s that haven’t been sold with Bumpers until the end of the September quarter. This is so that the company has a pool of cash to allow them to provide the free Bumpers.

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