How to Make Social Media Work for Your Biz

 How to Make Social Media Work for Your Biz 

By Denis Pombriant
CRM Buyer

Social media can be wonderful tools for sales and marketing, but so far most companies and most anecdotal evidence that I have seen point to practices that are mired in old-think, with the result that social media is being questioned as a strategy.

Here are some ideas that I give my clients when they are trying to figure out an approach involving social media.

It’s a new world, so stop treating it like the old world. In the old world customer outreach meant using relatively sophisticated tools to bludgeon customers over the head until they capitulated, the only sign of capitulation being a sale.

That may sound hard, but I think it’s accurate. It doesn’t seem to matter what the technology de jour is; we see the same approaches with direct mail, email and now social technologies like Twitter and Facebook but also LinkedIn, blogs and wikis.

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