We provide businesses like yours with innovative, cost-effective, internet technology.

Welcome to Solid Technology.  We’re a highly mobile, diminutive company in Portland comprised of experienced professionals who are passionate about the Internet and its related technological benefits.  The Solid Technology Approach has provided solid solutions in connectivity, hosting, website application development and data-management needs since 1997.

The Solid Technology Approach

  • Helping our customers build and maintain cutting-edge web-software applications.
  • Providing equally adept, experienced hardware-support services. We build, host and maintain quality systems.
  • If challenges occur, we will provide strong solutions.
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Web & Mail Hosting

Our SolidWeb offers a range of hosting options from affordable space on our high-performance hosting cluster up to managed and monitored dedicated servers.

No matter what your hosting needs are, we will provide you cost-effective solutions that work for your budget. The Solid Technology Approach: Efficiency, information, innovation, objectivity and productivity. Learn More

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Residential Internet Service

SolidNet provides 1.5mb DSL service available in Southwest Washington and Northern Oregon. We also have 56k Dialup internet available nationwide. Learn More